How to Pose for the Ultimate Fashion Picture

Posted on August 31 2017

How to Pose for the Ultimate Fashion Picture

We all know the drill. You’re with your girls getting ready for a killer night out. Your makeup is on point and your outfit is worthy of Beyonce’s wardrobe. But then someone says: “Time for pictures!” and your heart sinks.

Not all of us were born with a flawless pout and the ability to pose like a Victoria’s Secret model, and there’s nothing worse than getting tagged in a photo that makes you look like an extra from Shrek the Musical. If you’re in need of the secrets for great picture posing, then follow our handy tips and you’ll soon be the envy of all your Facebook friends.

#1 Relax

As hard as it is to relax when you’ve got a camera flashing in your face, it really is important to keep calm. If you feel tense and uncomfortable, this is going to show up in your pictures straight away - no matter how amazing your outfit looks. Rock your clothing confident in the knowledge that you look amazing and your pictures are sure to reflect this.

#2 Have fun!

This is your moment. How many people have the chance for proper photos nowadays when we’re all rushing around from one event to another? Use this photo opportunity to channel your inner Gigi and enjoy yourself in front of the camera. Whilst posing for a picture might seem like a serious task (after all, your new Facebook profile pic is depending on this), your pictures are going to be much more natural if you’re having a little fun and loosening up. It never hurts to pose with a glass of wine either! Just make sure you don’t look like you’re getting absolutely hammered - your colleagues don’t need to see that the morning after.

#3 Bring your ears forward

No, we didn’t type that wrong. If you always hate the shadows that appear under your chin in pictures, then use your ears to help you out. Rather than attempting to tilt your chin upwards to avoid unflattering shadows and risking showing off the inside of your nostrils, make a conscious effort to bring your ears forward. Whilst this might feel unnatural, it adds clearer definition to your chin and makes your whole face more photogenic. An easy tip that can shave centimetres from your face!

#3 Lift your arm

Unless you’ve got the arms of an Olympian, chances are your arms are going to look smoother and less squished if you lift them slightly away from your body. Just this small gesture is enough to make your arms look far more sculpted, which we think is never a bad thing. Get those guns out!

#4 Turn your shoulders

Unless you’re a footballer getting your picture taken for a new club shot, chances are you don’t need to have your picture taken face on. Not many people look their best when snapped directly facing the camera, so turn your shoulders slightly for a more flattering angle and try different shoulder poses to see what works for you - just raising one shoulder higher than another can add key dimension and strength to your shots.

#5 Don’t follow the crowd

If you’re going for a classic group shot, then make sure that you’re not all striking the exact same pose. Long gone are the days of standing in height order for your prom photos - picking slightly varied stances will add more interest to your photos and also avoid all the attention being drawn to whoever is rocking the one pose the best.

#6 Stand tall

Whether you’re 4”2 or 6”5, stand tall for your photos and you’ll ooze confidence. Good posture counts for a great deal when taking amazing fashion pictures, so keep your spine straight and your shoulders back. Dodgy pictures? You? Never!

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