All You Ever Need to Know About Dressing for a First Date

Posted on August 15 2017

All You Ever Need to Know About Dressing for a First Date

Maybe you met them through friends at a party. Maybe it was a nightclub. Maybe you swiped right, and so did they. Either way, your first date is looming and so is the all-important question: what on earth do you wear?

When it comes to dressing for a first date, it can sometimes pose a tricky task. First impressions count for a lot, which is why so many of us get hung up on what how we should dress when getting to know someone for the first time. How trendy do you go, for example? Are jeans too casual, and should you wear heels? If you’re starting to overthink your first date fashion, then read our guide and let Heir & Co help you out!

Naturally, the venue you’ve picked for your first date will dramatically dictate what you reach for in your wardrobe. Going rock climbing? We’d leave those chunky boots at home. Having dinner in a fancy restaurant? Trainers probably aren’t going to cut it. Common sense can take you pretty far with a lot of first date options - clearly a cocktail dress is going to look hot if you’re hitting a rooftop party, but might be a little much if they’re taking you to a concert. If you’re going out for food or there’s even a small chance that you’ll be eating, then make sure that you wear something that you can eat in without any difficulty! This might mean abandoning your skin-tight dress if you’re going to feel self-conscious after a burger, or going for a slightly looser top that allows you to breathe when your pizza arrives. And be sure to leave your white dress at home if you’re heading for messy food unless you have the tidy eating abilities of the royal family.

What about a cultured date? If your potential bae has picked an art gallery, museum or something equally cultural for your first date, then we’d recommend going for something beautifully tailored to match your sophisticated setting. Even a pair of smart trousers can take you a long way and will ensure that you don’t feel underdressed in a place designed for hushed voices and your potentially not-so-artistic reflections.

If you’ve gone for the popular option of drinks in a bar, then you’ve got a bit more choice. For an outfit that can cover all bases, we’d recommend sticking to a half-dressed up, half casual look. What do we mean? Namely if you’re going for a fancy blouse or top, then match this with you favourite pair of jeans to tone the whole ensemble down. Alternatively, if you’re sticking with your trusty pair of tailored trousers, a nice t-shirt will avoid you looking a too office-ready. Add a pair of ankle boots and you’ve got a look that’s ready for both a laid-back pub or a fancy cocktail place. Job done!

One golden rule that might seem obvious but is still worth sticking to is to make sure your clothing is clean. As much as you might love your favourite top, your date might not appreciate it if you’ve pulled it off your bedroom floor and worn it out for the fourth time that week. Stick with pieces that fit you well and are still fresh and you’ll not only feel confident, you’ll smell gorgeous!

Ultimately, the only way you’re going to enjoy yourself is by dressing in a way that makes you comfortable. Dress in what makes you feel like the best version of yourself and you can do no wrong. Because no matter how stunning you might look in your new dress, if you’re constantly tugging at the hemline and trying to adjust the sleeves, this is going to show. If you love your jeans and know that they make your bum look great, then why not rock them? If you’re a tall girl but feel like Beyonce as soon as you put on your heels, then put them on! Confidence is far sexier than any fashion trend. Be yourself, and you can sashay into your first date in style.

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